24st of march - 7th of april 2018 Düsseldorf

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2018: Cantare #7

Two weeks full of music.

Meeting people from all parts of Europe.

Mastering the challenge of a demanding concert programme all together.

Creation and participation of workshops and other events.

Moving concert experiences and new friendships.

That is what Cantare means.



Rudolf Steiner Schule Düsseldorf

Diepenstraße 15

40625 Düsseldorf

Beginning: 25th of march 2018

Ending: 7th of april 2018 after the concerts

Participation fees: 150€ including board and lodging, professional choir conductors, travels to the concerts and leisure time activities.

People between the ages of 16 and 25 can participate.

Karl Jenkins, an English composer, wrote „The Armed Man – A Mass for Peace“ in 1999. We chose that work for its inciting message of Peace. Realising that wish through a compilation of pieces of different religions, Jenkins created a work for everyone. With choir and orchestra Jenkins gives it a voice – this is your chance to take part in it.

Our artistic directors are quite as young as you and full of enthusiasm for music. They want to prepare Jenkins‘ work with you at eye-level. Constanze Pitz finished university in summer 2017 with a „Master of choir conducting“ at the Robert- Schumann-Hochschule; Mikko Sidoroff studied music at the Sibelius-academy Helsinki and is a freelance choir conductor, composer and graphic artist for written music in Mannheim.

The Orchestra of the University of the Saarland under Julia Neumann will accompany the choir.

Cantare was founded as a student's project in 2010 and has been taking place annually since then. Since 2013 the choir is complimented by an orchestra. With up to 120 participants classical and modern pieces – from Mozart‘s Requiem to Rutter‘s Magnificat – have been performed.

This year we are nine young people in the ages from 15 to 23, from all over Germany. We study diverse subjects from mechanical engeneering via music management to a bookbinder training or go to school. One thing connects us: the passion for Cantare and through that the music.

  • Music

    Cantare 2011 at Lehenhof

  • Friendship

  • Commitment

    Cantare 2014: Mozart Requiem

  • Passion

    2013: Carl Orff, Carmina Burana

Sign up

sign up is open: signup closes as soon as there are no more places availible Here you can sign up bindingly for the Cantare Project 2018 in Düsseldorf

The participation fees are 150€ respectively for another sibling 120€. If you want to support the project further you can voluntarily augment the participation fee to 250€. Please notice that the indicated amount is mandatory and may not fall below 150€ (except for siblings). We don’t want anybody to stay away from the project for financial reasons. Should you be concerned, please contact us! As we too have expenses, we cannot refund the participation fees after a cancelation dating from January 24th in 2018 or later. Application is open until shortly before the project!